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Breast Implant Revision London

Breast implant revision is a Cosmetic Surgery procedure to remove or replace breast implants to correct ‘capsule contracture’, implant ruptures, displaced implants or misshapen breasts and rotated implants.

Breast Implant Revision from London Bridge Plastic Surgery

Breast Implant Revision at LBPS

At LBPS we spend a lot of time with our patients matching the type and size of breast implants to their particular soft-tissues, breast shape and body types. Our 20 years of specialist breast surgery expertise ensures that we minimise any need for revision breast implant surgery. However, as breast augmentation or implant surgery is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed there are often cases where patients may desire revision surgery. A rare condition known as ‘capsular contracture’ can occur after breast augmentation surgery whereby collagen-fibre capsules tighten and squeeze the breast implant. This may lead to the breast implant looking odd or incorrectly positioned and felling firm or even hard.

Regardless of where you first had your breast implant surgery, we are here to help and can advise on the best way forward to make you feel comfortable. There are many reasons why people have breast implant revision surgery. As such we are very open minded due to our many years of expertise in breast implant surgery.

With any type of surgery it’s important to ensure the surgeon has extensive experience. Our surgeon Christopher Inglefield will spend time with you discussing your concerns and expectations before any surgery and our priority is safety and the best results for our patients. The reasons for revision breast implant surgery are varied – some people might wish to replace their breast implants with a smaller or larger size after initially having breast augmentation. Others are very self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts, or have discomfort because of displacement or contracture of the breast implant(s). Whatever your concerns, we our experience, approachable and honest surgeons are here to ensure that you can move forward with your life following revision breast implant surgery.

Whatever your concerns, please do give us a call on 0207 487 0900 and we will be happy to help.


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