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After Vein Treatment Information

In comparison with the conventional surgeries (e.g. “vein stripping”), the process of healing is exceptionally gentle. Nevertheless, it is sometimes possible that mild complaints may develop after the treatment. Below is an explanation of the normal course of your recovery after the procedure, this may vary from patient to patient depending on specific needs and your Vein Surgeon will advise on the day.
What to expect on the day of treatment and during the following days:

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After Vein Treatment Information FAQ’s
  • Will I have bandages and when can I remove them?
    After your procedure bandages will be put on the treated areas. After 2 hours following the procedure these bandages will need to be removed, which you can easily and safely do. Following this it is recommended that you have a shower and put on the compression stocking(s) given to you at your procedure, and (depending on what you have been told with regard to your anaesthesia), go for a walk, rest, go for a meal, etc.
  • How long will I need to wear the compression stockings?
    The compression stocking(s) is (are) generally only worn for 24 hours unless otherwise instructed.
  • What will the wound be like?
    As large quantities of fluid are injected into the leg in the vicinity of the veins to provide a thermal insulation during treatment and for local anaesthesia, the leg may initially be somewhat numb in parts and there may be a pinkish/brownish discharge of fluid from the puncture site which frequently occurs over the course of the next day: both of these conditions are completely normal. This normal secretion may be mixed with a very small amount of blood giving it a reddish tinge. The secretion will stop on its own, just protect your clothing and bedding during this time.
  • How will my legs feel for the first few days?
    Because of the large amount of liquid which has been injected – which is very important for this particularly gentle method of treatment – your legs may seem swollen and heavy for the first two days. The liquid (99 % of it is saline solution in a body-identical concentration) is absorbed by the tissue and excreted by the kidneys.
  • Will I have any pain?
    The treated veins are naturally reabsorbed over the course of 3 – 24 months by the body. In order for that to happen, phagocytes (your white blood cells) move to the thermally “deadened” vessels and degrade these. This process is normal in nature (in the same manner as for the degradation of a haematoma) and is associated with a slight swelling and hardening. In the area of these veins, you may experience spontaneous mild discomfort and possibly also a mild reddening. This is most likely to occur on the inner side of the upper leg. These changes usually appear initially approximately one week after surgery and are perfectly normal following this procedure.
  • What activities can I do immediately after my vein procedure?
    You are able to shower/bathe/swim/participate in sports immediately and movement is even encouraged, although it is not obligatory.
  • What do I avoid in the first 2-3 Weeks?
    For 2 – 3 weeks, UV light should be avoided on the sites that have been treated.
  • What do I do if I have immediate concerns following treatment?
    Our on-call Nurse phone number will be given to you following your vein treatment at LBPS Vein Institute and as part of the care that we provide, our dedicated nursing team will always be available for you 24/7.


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