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Endoscopic Removal Of The Long Truncal Vein

This entirely new process of treating Varicose Veins is derived from cardiovascular surgery, where the very careful removal of the long anterior superficial truncal vein (the great saphenous vein) serves in the application as a graft during bypass surgery.

Because the method is especially gentle and tends to result in an especially fast regeneration following the surgery, we have successfully included it in our repertoire and have acquired very good results with its use.

The treatment

Through a small incision in the region of the inside of the thigh, just above the knee, a special endoscope is introduced under the skin and used to separate the afflicted truncal vein fully and carefully from the surrounding connective tissues, in all directions. All side branches of the vein are carefully closed by means of electric impulses and then severed.

Advantages of the treatment

Allows a gentle release of the truncal vein from the area while simultaneously severing the side veins without any haemorrhaging.

As the tissues are protected, only three days of compression or less is required and our patients are able to once again carry out their work and to participate in sporting activities almost immediately.

There is no scarring following this gentle procedure.

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