3 months ago Miss L had an Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) performed by Mr Inglefield and Mr Harley. Here she talks about her reasons behind the decision and shares her experience and the results she has achieved and the difference it has made to her life.

“I have always had weight issues from a child to my teenage years, but my weight gain really accelerated in my late teens and by the time I was in my early twenties I was so unhappy with my body that I couldn’t look at myself from the neck down.

Mid-Twenties I had enough of my body, and decided to change my world around me, I stopped smoking, started exercising, eating well and over time, began to feel more confident as the weight came off. After losing a large amount of weight, I was left with loose skin on my body, around my arms, sides of my breasts and around my armpits. To me I looked like a saggy old lady, not a woman in her twenties! I felt like a hypocrite when people would say “ You look so good, you must feel so much better now you have lost all that weight?” I would smile and say “ Yes, I feel great” but they couldn’t see what was hidden under my clothes or the unhappiness it was causing.

I spent a long time concealing the loose skin, tucking it in to my bra, and wearing loose, ill-fitting clothes to cover it, but the overhanging skin would get so sore it would bleed. I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted to wear…….I have never worn a sleeveless top. The final straw was when I started a new job where I had the sleeves on my uniform lengthened so that nobody would see the loose skin hanging from my arms. “I’ve had enough” I thought, and felt the same way as I did when I began to lose the weight…..I need to do something!!!

I went to my Doctor and did lots of research on the procedure and found London Bridge Plastic Surgery.

I had 2 consultations prior to having the procedure where everything was explained in great detail. I had the chance to ask any questions and to my surprise I didn’t feel embarrassed or nervous , I felt reassured and at ease, as this was going to be a positive step in my life, and the Surgeons and LBPS team were going to help me achieve it.

The day of my surgery arrived and I felt sick with nerves, “Why am I doing this to myself?” I thought, however when I was greeted by the surgeons, Mr Inglefield and Mr Harley they put me at ease straight away and I knew this was the right decision.

I woke after my surgery dressed in a support garment, greeted by a lovely nurse who took care of me until I was ready to leave later that day. The following days after my surgery were uncomfortable, but managed well by medication, and MLD (a treatment at LBPS) and as the days progressed I found I was more mobile and feeling better.

I am 3 months post op now, the support garments have been removed, and I can now see the shape of my arms, and breasts. I do have scars and some sensitivity which has improved week by week and continues to feel better as time goes on. I have been shopping for new bras and t-shirts and I’m pleased to say my uniform no longer fits……. It’s too loose!!!

I can’t Thank Mr Inglefield and Mr Harley enough, and the team at LBPS.
There really are no words to describe the kindness and empathy shown, and what this has done for me, I am starting to feel like the young women I am, and now I’m starting to look like it too! It has been life changing!”

Pre Op 1:

1. Pre-op 1


Post Op 1:

1. Post-op 3 months



Pre Op 2:

3. Pre-op 3


Post Op 2:

3. Post-op 3 months