If you are looking for a good breast implant type, B-Lite implants are highly recommended for a variety of reasons. B-Lite implants are the result of 10 years of extensive research and testing. This type of implant offers substantially reduced implant weight, much less than traditional silicone breast implants.

Not only that, B-Lite implants also help retain the desired shape and feel of the breasts. They were originally used in Europe and Israel, and now this technology has gained attention across the globe.

About the Technology

B-Lite implants are very safe, as all materials used in the surgery are inert and bio-compatible and have a reliable historical background in the field of medicine.


B-Lite implants are 30% lighter than traditional silicone breast implants. With this implant type, the patient gets lighter breasts at the same breast size they desire. These implants offer the same aesthetic value without the added burden.

There is much less silicone in B-Lite implants. Therefore, the chances of gel bleed over the lifetime of the implant are very slim. No separation or bleeding is believed to occur in this type of implant, which is a great technological advancement.

There is also much less pain and discomfort post-operatively. This leads to being more mobile sooner after the procedure. Generally, it also allows for a shorter and more comfortable recovery period.

The reduced weight of the breasts also considerably reduces the risk of operations later on in life.

B-lite implants are long lasting, and the quality of silicone gel used the procedure is very high. The micro-spheres have no risks of reaction in the body, making B-lite implants an excellent choice.

The Consultation

When consulted, the surgeon will examine the breasts and make note of the skin quality, fatty tissue, pectoral muscle and breast glands. A good surgeon will go through all aspects of the breasts including volume measurement, width, breadth and shape. After the detailed examination, he will be in a position to guide you about the breast implants and determine the desired results.

The Procedure

The normal time taken for placement of B-Lite implants is about two hours. This breast augmentation procedure is typically performed with general anesthesia to ensure that the patient is comfortable and free of pain throughout.

Once this step is complete, a small incision is created in the lower part of the areola (periareolar incision) or the sub-mammary groove (inframammary incision). This is done to give the surgeon method of creating a pocket in the breast tissues.

After creation of the pockets, the B-Life breast implants are inserted and positioned. The incision is closed using medical sutures, and a hygienic and safe dressing is applied. The dressing is changed in the next visit.

Scheduling a Consultation

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