Labiaplasty is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after surgical procedures in the UK.

It is a surgery designed to reduce the size of the labia minora – the flaps of skin on either side of the vaginal opening. This is a procedure that should not be performed on girls younger than 18 because the labia continues to develop and grow beyond puberty and into early adulthood. But for women who long for their intimate parts to look more balanced or to look different for whatever reasons they may have, there is the option of vaginal surgery or labiaplasty.

Most women interested in having a labiaplasty will also want to know what surgical technique is the best for this procedure as there are usually two options available; trim or wedge. This is a question that is asked more and more frequently as women weigh up their labiaplasty options.

For those who may have some knowledge in varying techniques they will be asking themselves “Is a trim or a wedge labiaplasty better?”

They may also wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of a trim or wedge labiaplasty are.Here we will explain the differences in each technique.Surgeons who specialise in labiaplasty will refer to the terms as either Curved Linear (trim) or Central V Wedge (wedge).
The trim technique involves removing the edge of the bulging labia, whereas the wedge technique, instead, uses a V-shaped (pie shaped) incision which reduces the size of the labia.

At London Bridge Plastic Surgery we prefer to use a modified wedge method, the posterior wedge labiaplasty. This is because a posterior wedge labiaplasty keeps the edges of the labia, leaving the contours looking natural. It creates a scar in the natural crease which is tailored to reduce the part of the labia which is most enlarged.The surgery is faster to perform and there is less scar sensitivity compared to the trim technique. A trim labiaplasty, on the other hand, removes the dark edges of the labia, and some women may prefer this technique for a more petite look down there.

Both the trim and the wedge can be performed alongside other aspects of a labiaplasty, such as hood reduction (trimming the excess skin around the clitoris). It is also possible to reduce enlarged outer labia or add fullness to the outer labia using the patients own fat.

Before making a decision you and your surgeon will discuss in detail the shape and look you desire.

A bespoke surgical plan will allow our surgeons at LBPS to create the best outcome based on your wishes and best interests. Click here to set up a consultation or for more informations about labiaplasty.