Bride and wedding preparation at LBPS

Preparing for your big day is something that brides take seriously, but in the midst of the logistics and the organisation, preparing yourself can be over looked. One of the key ways to prepare is to ensure that you are eating a nutritious and healthy diet. Good nutrition can have a positive impact on achieving an ideal weight and has a big role to play in skin health. It can also help balance moods and help to deal with the stresses in the run up to your wedding.

Skin problems such as acne or rosacea are treatable, but need time, so don’t leave these preparations to the last minute…plan ahead with treatment courses to achieve a glowing, healthy, radiant look on your wedding day. With problem skin, the earlier you can seek a programme of treatment, the longer the treatment has to be effective. Other skin preparations such as peels need to be done up to six weeks before the wedding, depending on skin type and laser treatment also need time to take effect, so schedule carefully and take advice from the experts who have years of experience in planning skin care programmes.

If you are thinking about having surgery before your wedding to you face or body, again it is important to plan ahead. Common procedures might be breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or fat removal, all of which need recovery time. So ensure that you talk to a professional, highly trained surgeon who can give you accurate advice on when to have your procedure.

Non surgical procedures usually have less or no downtime, which can be ideal for brides that are short of time. Treatment programmes often require several weeks between treatments, so be aware to plan ahead. Body contouring can help to firm up abdomens and legs, and help eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. Fillers can give an immediate restoration of volume and help to restore a youthful appearance, whilst a lifting treatment such as EndyMed Pro 3DEEP is best with a course of treatments but can give an immediate tightening and refreshed look.

If you would like to speak to one of our specialist team about preparing you for your big day, please call us on 020 7487 0900.