Selecting the right type and size of breast implants is a significant decision when considering breast augmentation. It involves more than merely selecting a cup size. Choosing the best breast implants is a process, and the decisions you make will depend on your expectations and goals. Here are some helpful tips to guide your decision.

Consider Implant Shape and Size

You will need to think about the shape and size of your breast implants. In terms of size, you may want implants to give you a dramatic increase in volume or a more subtle increase. In terms of shape, you may be considering either round implants or anatomical (teardrop-shaped) ones.

If you have given birth, it is necessary to wait up to six months after weaning your baby before opting for breast augmentation. This gives your breast size a chance to stabilize so that you can have a good idea of what type of increase will be needed.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

The size of the implants must coincide with your lifestyle. If you’re an active individual who loves playing sports, engaging in high-intensity training, or running, it is best to stay away from large implants.

Your choice of clothing is also a part of your lifestyle. Do you want your cleavage to be the focus of your dresses and shirts? Do you prefer to keep your breasts hidden away or do you like being bra-less?

These are a few lifestyle considerations you need to think about before selecting an implant size.

Think About Long-Term Implications

Whether they’re medications, breast implants, or even pacemaker machines, most medical devices don’t last forever. There’s no lifetime guarantee for implants. Often, implants must be replaced every ten years.

Although you can expect your implants to remain for some time, it’s necessary to examine how they will affect your life over the coming years. Will you be content with their appearance in five years or even ten years? Select implants that not only fit in with your current lifestyle but also with your future lifestyle.

Consult with Your Plastic Surgeon

Your plastic surgeon will give you essential guidance and advice to help you make the best choice about implants. It’s also always recommended that you seek a second opinion, whether from another medical professional or a friend who opted for implants earlier.

It’s crucial to understand and accept your surgeon’s guidance. They have your best interests in mind, and their suggestions and recommendations are based on experience and training. Keep in mind there’s no such thing as a perfect implant size.

Attend Your Consultation with a Friend

Breast augmentation is a significant surgery. Bring someone with you to help you understand what was discussed in the consultation. This will also aid you in getting a different viewpoint about the best implant to choose.

Keep in mind that this is your body, and your decision will affect your entire life. Choose your implants based on your lifestyle, expectations, and what’s suitable for you.

Set Up Your Breast-Augmentation Consultation

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