A large forehead is a sign of beauty in some cultures, and in other cultures, it’s a sign of intelligence. However, if you don’t belong to a culture that sees your broad forehead as a sign of beauty or intelligence, it is often seen as broad and unattractive.

Try this: Place four fingers horizontally against your forehead. If the forehead takes up more space than the four fingers, then it may be broad to the point where it doesn’t match with your other features.

Not many people are aware that plastic surgery can reduce a large forehead for both men and women. Whether your forehead is broad due to hereditary or from a receding hairline, you can benefit from a corrective procedure. Recipients of a hairline-lowering surgery achieve more balanced facial features and even a reduction in forehead wrinkles.

What Is a Hairline-Lowering Surgery?

It is a plastic surgery where the frontal hairline is brought forward to reduce the size of the forehead. In a perfect face, the forehead must not take up more than a third of the entire face.

How Is a Hairline-Lowering Surgery Performed?

An incision is made at the beginning of the hair of the hairline. The loose skin is pulled over a part of the forehead, so a part of the forehead is now overlapped by the skin that has been pulled over it.

The skin is sutured down over the underlying forehead, and a new hairline is established. Hair follicles are buried under the skin of the new hairline. Over the following weeks and months, new hair growth takes place to cover the suture line of the new forehead.

What Is the Recovery Time of a Hairline-Lowering Surgery?

The recovery time of a hairline-lowering surgery is about a week or two. After this, patients can return to doing normal daily activities. Staples will be removed after a week. Avoiding physically taxing activities for at least six weeks is very important for recovery.

What Can I Expect After Surgery?

There will be some amount of pain and tingling immediately after surgery. Numbness is another common side effect that can last for several months after surgery, depending on the time it takes for nerves to grow back around the new hairline. After surgery, some initial hair loss may be experienced around the site of the incision.

Is a Forehead-Reduction Surgery a Permanent Solution?

While the results are very long lasting, they are not permanent. At some point, the hairline will still recede as a result of the natural process of aging.

The procedure is longer lasting among women than men, because women suffer from a receding hairline far less than men. That does not mean that men cannot opt for the procedure to correct their broad forehead; it just means that there is more chance of them developing a broad forehead when their natural hairline begins to recede.

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