Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is used to remove fat from the body. Removing fat during a liposuction procedure is not easy, and it may not be possible to remove all of it. A new procedure has been developed that solves this problem.

High definition PAL (power-assisted liposuction) not only completely removes stubborn fat but also helps to precisely sculpt areas of the body like the abdomen. This can create an athletic and fit look by giving patients amazing abs.

Whereas normal liposuction uses a traditional cannula (a thin tube with a sharp end), PAL makes use of a special vibrating canula. The vibrations that the cannula produces are able to break down the fat more effectively so that it can be easily sucked out.

How Is High Definition PAL Performed?

Prior to the PAL treatment session, there is an initial consultation where the surgeon evaluates the patient’s overall health to decide if they are suitable for the procedure. Since the procedure involves sculpting rather than just fat removal, a BMI of less than 30 and satisfactory muscle tone will be required.

The first stage of the procedure is an ultrasound examination of the abdomen to mark the muscle boundaries so that the sculpting process can be planned clearly.

Local anesthetic is then injected into the areas where the procedure will be carried out. This ensures more safety during the procedure. Since a special vibrating canula is used, the incisions need not be large.

The cannula is inserted into the treatment area. The vibrations produced break the fat down into a form that is easier to suction out of the region. This makes the procedure easier for the surgeon. The cannula’s small movements are more precise in nature than the cannula movements in traditional liposuction, leading to a more effective treatment.

How Is This Procedure Beneficial?

The procedure has many benefits over the traditional technique, including the following:

• The procedure requires fewer incisions, making it more patient friendly.

• The vibrations help in breaking down fat, ensures that all of it can be removed through the cannula. This makes the procedure more effective in yielding the desired results. Studies have shown that this procedure can remove 30% more fat than traditional liposuction.

• Since the incisions are fewer and smaller and the procedure is more patient friendly, the treatment does not cause much swelling. The patient’s recovery will be shorter compared to the recovery required for the traditional procedure.

• This procedure can be done in less time than traditional liposuction. This makes it more convenient for the patient.

• PAL is effective for use in a number of different parts of the body, like the inner thighs and bellybutton region. This helps the surgeon to carry out effective sculpting even in smaller areas. The overall result of the procedure is a well-contoured body.

Clinical studies show that more than 80% of patients indicated that they were satisfied with the results.

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