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Hand Veins & Rejuvenation

Hand vein treatmentAs we age and the connective tissue on the back of our hands degrades and loss of volume occurs, veins can become prominent and contribute to hands looking old. Surgical removal of these veins has previously led to scarring, however modern techniques allow treatment of these veins with no scarring or side effects.

Hand vein treatment using a gentle modern catheter

Using this method, veins can be treated in an outpatient treatment under local anaesthetic. Radio frequency and steam heated catheters are used which enables the veins to be closed in such a way that the body then degrades and removes them.

The treatment lasts for approximately one hour and is pain free under local anaesthetic to the area. After the treatment they will need to wear a compression glove for 5 days and continue all activities as normal. Post operatively the hand can be examined after 2 to 3 days and then at 6 weeks if desired.

Vein removal treatment can be combined with other hand rejuvenation treatments including laser and fillers – Please click here for more information.

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