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B-Lite Breast Augmentation Diary Part One

We asked one of our recent patients to keep a diary of her experiences with her recent breast augmentation using the worlds lightest breast implants, the B-Lite, available exclusively at LBPS. Read the first part of her journey.

4th November 2015

It has not quite sunk in yet that my surgery is tomorrow! I attended my pre-op MLD today with Lynsey I was really unsure with what to expect but I felt at complete ease. I was expecting a massage;however, it was but more working on the surface of the skin rather than muscle tension. Lynsey explained how it is working on the lymphatic system releasing and draining toxins. I really enjoyed my treatment and I feel fully prepped for tomorrow!

5th November 2015

I was up nice and early this morning for my 7:30am admission at Queen Anne Medical Centre. I felt so excited but nerves was still in the back of mind, which I am sure is normal! Natalie, my nurse, explained everything about my medication, garments, out of hour’s advice and general recovery tips. I could not have felt more relaxed before surgery; I generally did not need to question anything.

Before I knew it, it was 8:30am and I was being led down towards theatre. The natural reassurance from the staff at Queen Anne and Natalie holding my hand before anaesthetic was greatly appreciated. Before I knew it I was in recovery, I felt like I blinked and it was done! I was so amazed how pain free I felt within half an hour I was up and going to the toilet. It was slightly uncomfortable when moving but completely bearable. Before I knew it my drains was being removed and I was on my way home.

6th November 2015

I was initially worried sleeping at 45 degrees but with a few extra pillows I slept like a baby! I did not feel the need to take any pain killers as I was not in any pain. I did feel swollen and bruised, which was slightly uncomfortable, if I moved my arms.However the garment that was provided gave me the extra support to my new boobs! Natalie also called me today to make sure I was okay and if I had any concerns post-surgery, I personally did not but it was lovely to have the call and to feel looked after.

7th November 2015

I am currently 2 days post-surgery and I am still pain free!! Of course it is slightly discomforting doing general things as the strength in my arms is minimal! A spare pair of hands from my mum was appreciated making the tea and opening any closed doors. Spent all day reminding everyone to leave the doors open!! I am also half way through my antibiotics and surgery remedies that was provided for my healing process. I can defiantly see a difference with the bruising and swelling, my new boobs are healing well!

8th November 2015

I woke up in such a good mood today! I am feeling slightly achy especially to the top of my chest obviously where my new implants are settling. The doctor requested to keep my garment on day and night for the first 3 weeks to support and assure the implants settle in the correct position. I decided to get some fresh air today after relaxing so much the past couple of days. Some dinner with a friend was well appreciated however a helping hand was defiantly needed for my hair and make-up. I could get used to keeping arms at boob level.

9th November 2015

Defiantly feel I am making a speedy recovery! I took some pain killers last night for the first time to take the achiness away to avoid a sleepless night. Feeling great this morning, achiness is still there but bearable. I have gained some itchiness today which is all positive healing signs! Very pleased so far, I could have gone back to work today but I will enjoy the extra few days I have booked off!

10th November 2015

I woke up with a headache today, I did take some pain killers again last night for the achiness but was curious if the headaches was a side effect. I called the on call number and Natalie answered promptly. She advised to take normal Paracetamol as I am not in any severe pain the Co-Dydramol is probably too strong and this would be perfectly fine to ease any discomfort. Antibiotics finished! Just an extra day of the surgery remedies and I will then be back on form!

11th November 2015

My surgery feels like months ago already! I had my second MLD today which I was really looking forward to as I felt achy the last few days and I knew this was going to benefit me. It was so relieving feeling Lynsey work on my swelling; I could feel the natural body fluid being moved around. My body eased instantly and my breasts had softened. I am excited for the final one already; I wish I could take Lynsey home!

12th November 2015

I have really noticed today that my swelling has significantly reduced; I am fastening my garment tighter to give more support and keep the implants in place. I have also gained some strength today in my arms; my mum is defiantly pleased as it is giving her a break!

13th November 2015

8 days post-surgery and I can honestly say I feel amazing. I am managing to do day to day things obviously not lifting anything heavy and keeping arms below shoulders to make sure I heal the best I can. I decided to get my hair washed and blow-dried today just as a little treat instead of bending over the bath for my mum to wash!

14th November 2015

I am still sleeping well, pain free with no problems or concerns. I am having my dressings removed on Thursday with Natalie and I am curious to see how my scars are healing. I am even more excited to see the final result it can take up to 3 months for them to settle but will be so worth the wait!

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