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Alison - Breast Augmentation Diary

We follow Alison as she documents here experience at LBPS for her Breast Augmentation. Alison had a Breast Augmentation on the 2nd of August 2012 to restore volume and droopiness after having three children. We begin by hearing from Alison six months AFTER her treatment and then go back to her first steps on her boob job diary…

If you would like to find out more then please visit the Breast Augmentation page on our site.

Boob Job Diaries

Six months after surgery…

2nd August 2012

Just got home – 5 hours later I am amazed that I feel so comfortable. No pain! NO pain, just aware that I’ve done something to my boobs. Had the best treatment and care all the way through and lots of love today. Can’t stop peeping the twins!!

2nd August 2012

I just had a look at them properly! I’m over the moon! No pain at all . Little woozy, wearing off anaesthetic but I’m great.

3rd August 2012

Morning after operation, not bad so far. Slept well enough, woke up at 430am very hungry!
Water proof dressings are the best, had quick shower, topped up on pain killers (still no pain) , antibiotics and homeopathic remedies. No bruising when I had look which is great! Taking in some olympics and relaxing.

4th August 2012

Notes to self

– Have help to buckle bra.

– Either settle for crap hair for a week or so, cut hair before BA or teach your better half the basics to your hair

– Sleep on outer side of bed!

– Don’t try to hide the truth from kids, they notice everything!!

– Having a good laugh is good, but hold the boobs while doing so.

5th August 2012

Today my right side is perfectly fine, little softer I think.

Left,the muscle on top seems to be a little swollen. Its funny because I’m a right hander, would have thought my right would act up.

Just feels little sore when I move around.

I’ve done nothing all day but feed myself! Who knew keeping your hands below shoulder level and no lifting would be so much fun!

6th August 2012

Well I’ve made a few attempts at putting together blog for today. I appear to have a “whoozy head”. Maybe I should have had the full dose of 2 tablets of painkillers today. I figured I’d try to see how I feel. Not good is the answer! So back to regular dose tonight.

The twins look good, minimal swelling at the moment. They look very “round” now but I know they’d settle to the actual Tear drop shape in good time. Skin around dressings itch a little, not unbearable. I’m so loving them.

Many thanks to the Dr Christopher Inglefield!!

7th August 2012

Last few days with swelling felt like I had a tight chest, almost stifling, similar to firm, breast feeding breasts.

Tonight no tight feeling, breast are definitely softer and very comfortable. To my surprise nipple sensation appears to be normal! Closing my eyes for a minute, I could forget that I had the surgery.

Antibiotics finished today, not many pain killers left. Arnica (for bruising) seems to be working like a charm, 2more days for those. Then I’m free from the meds.

8th August 2012

Today is 1week since BA! Had lovely MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) session that was really relaxing. Now I know some little techniques to help the remaining swelling go. (very minimal).

Nurse also saw me today, did some pictures!! She’s quite happy with the way twins look. Took off drain dressings, next week for to remove bigger ones.

I’m so happy with my new boobs!!!!!

9th August 2012

Today has been yet another good day! Arms feel less tense, boobs don’t appear to be swollen at all.

Been doing some mummy things around the house.

Not to much, very simple things. Made breakfast for kids, laundry, put on a tshirt without help!

No lifting 2year old 🙁 but lap hugs are working out ok.

Things I can’t do, reach things in cupboards, stretch, bending over feels weird.

Feels very close to normal especially now that I can sleep little more normally. (not at 45degree angle)

Back to work on Monday!

13th August 2012 – First Day Back at Work!

I was quite anxious about getting into train today. Was so pleased I got a seat 1 stop after I got on. I figure there should be a “new boobs on board” badge so someone would offer me a seat!!

At office pushing/opening doors proved to be tricky but I figured that out. Going up and down stairs I feel the weight on my chest. Its not as bad as it was a few days ago so that’s a good sign.

I’ve been asked if they “feel alien” in my chest or hard. They never felt that way, I’m just aware of them being bigger and firmer but definitely not alien. I think most of the ladies at office have now tested and approved the twins.

My co-workers,friends and family have been my cheerleaders. I am very grateful for all their support.

15th August 2012

Got dressings changed today, the were getting quite itchy in the last few days.

Now that they are off I feel free! I’m really happy with the scars for 13 days, you can have a look for yourself and see.

They appear slightly darker at the moment, when I look closely I can see some of the purple surgical marker there still.

I seemed to have reacted to the plaster on the dressings and everywhere that it touched my skin is now slightly darker and drier than normal.

Ive been told that it will settle down in a few more weeks.

On the scars now I have Micropore tape that I have to change every 5days for the next 3months. The tape is to give the scars some extra support while healing. So I’m all set now, tape on twins and a roll in my bag!

16th August 2012

Since having the tapes on, I’ve noticed that around the suture line and lower part of boobs are all numb.

I’m glad its not the entire thing numb!

Taking piriton since yesterday,as I have a little rash where dressings were. Got the okay to sleep on my sides again. As I suspected it was uncomfortable, I’d try again tonight and see what happens.

Its 2 weeks since I got great boobs!!

2 week Boob Review

Shape – Lovely. Continues to settle into tear drops.

Size – Very happy for a boobie-buddy that recommended a bigger size. My dresses for work fit much better.

Feel – Coming along nicely, softening up.

Worse bit so far – Itchy rash and occasional tenderness from bra.

Most frequent comment – They suit you, looks natural.

18th August 2012

I had 2 close calls yesterday.

First I had to pick up my 2 year old because there a monstrous pitbull in the park that was after her ball.

It just happened so quickly only while holding her a few seconds later I thought Omg!

Few hours later, 2 year old (again) simply had a fall on me while she was messing around on bed. She was nicely cushioned and very sorry.

After both I was more afraid than in pain. I had a good look and feel and everything seemed ok.

I kept a safe distance between twins and her the rest of the day.

Today I’m looking at her very closely.

On a lighter note!

This may sound silly, but I’m quite sure that today “the twins” are much softer. Maybe the little “rough up” did some good!!

22nd August 2012

Back into the full swing of things at work and all going well.

Had a quick check with Mr Inglefield who is very happy with the twins!

Scars look good, skin settled from that rash, softening up nicely, what more can a girl ask for!!

27th August 2012

3weeks 4days!

It feels like more time has passed. Being back to most of my routine makes it feel that way. The only things I can’t do are lift things, reach high or sleep on my front.

I can sleep without a bra and 3weeks to go until I can get back into normal bras. Think I’d miss the full support of these though.

I’d encourage every woman to restore their boobs or body. Its so not worth hiding behind padded bras, ugly tops or baggy clothes!

2nd September 2012

Well I’m now 90% back to normal @ 1month post-op. Still not lifting anything much which I think is working out for the better. No shopping bags for me and 2year old is doing just fine without “ups”.

When I put my hands too high I get this pulling sensation from armpit to under boob. So still mindful of doing nothing above shoulder level. The twins are well behaved lol. Softened up a lot more than I thought they will for 1month.

Still get occasional rash from tapes, piriton settles that for me. Sleeping on sides (in bra) feels comfortable. Kiddie hugs are good as well. They look so natural and only have some swelling at end of long days.
Saw my before pics and I can’t imagine ever going back!!

9th September 2012

Yesterday was my birthday and I could not feel any better about being 31. I feel 25 and I have the boobs to match that!! Restoring my boobs has given me confidence I don’t think I’ve ever had.

I’m looking forward to a whole new world of bras and dresses that actually fit well. This week is 6weeks post op and my recovery period would be officially over. Its passed so quickly, I can’t believe 6weeks ago I had “mummy boobs” and now they are Amazing.

16th September 2012

Changed tapes last night and I am just as amazed by scars as I am of the twins! 5 days ago they were not as they are now. Already they are very thin and in some areas beginning to look like the rest of my skin.

Boobs are great I can’t think of what they’d be like in a few months.

I’m now realising what a nice change its made. It appears as though I now have a coca cola shape rather than a bell shape! (Hope every one has the right coke bottle in mind)

18th September 2012

Found myself bra shopping lastnight, never thought I’d be in the section called “fuller cup selection”! Anyway so I’m now a 36DD I was 36B (empty B at that) so that’s 3 sizes up. I had no idea there were so many different types of bras.

Balcony, plunge, full support, minimisor all I knew about were padded and maternity bras. I found a whole new world!! So I finally left with a balcony, underwired, not padded bra. Was actually quite strange to not wear a non support bra today. I felt the twins moving around as I ran up and down today. Eventually I started to walk briskly rather than run!

I’m back into my MACOM bra now, I’m not sore from under wire like I thought I may have been.

7th November 2012

Since my six week bra shopping a further six weeks have flown by. It’s now 3 months and I honestly didn’t even realise.

2 weeks ago I was quite sore and was having some swelling on my left side. Had another session of MLD which worked like magic! By the next morning most swelling and soreness was gone and has not returned to date!

Thank you Petra!!!

I since discovered the cause of my soreness…holding on in tube to work every morning as I haven’t gotten a seat in a while. (need that new boobs badge).

Had post-op check with Mr Inglefield 2 days ago, he is as pleased as I am! He said that they will soften up even more. I can’t imagine that because I am very happy with their feel at the moment. Scars are neat, smooth and thin. They look like natural creases and are hardly noticeable. I’m going to keep up with the tape for a little longer.

I was concerned about feeling the edge of implant on rare occasions. Because I didn’t have much breast tissue that edge can be felt easier for me. I’m not so worried about it.

My next check is in 3 months.

I’ve met some women who have read this diary. Its great to know that my experience is useful to other women who have that desire to restore their “womanhood” as I did.

I am thrilled with my new boobs and I would recommend Breast Augmentation by Christopher Inglefield to any woman! His obvious skill, gentle and caring manner are priceless.

4th December 2012

It has been 4 months since I’ve been flashing my new boobs!

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