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Repair of FGM - Female Genital Mutilation London

FGM, also known as female circumcision or female genital mutilation or cutting is defined by the WHO (World Health Organisation) to be “all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.”

It is carried out for social and cultural reasons by ethnic groups in sub-Sahara and North East Africa, as well as parts of Asia, the Middle East and within immigrant communities worldwide. Normally carried out on girls between the ages of four and ten, it can happen with or without anaesthesia using a knife, razor or scissors. The WHO estimates that there are 140 million sufferers worldwide.

The practice is classified as female genital mutilation FGM I, II or III depending on the severity of the mutilation, the worst of which is Type III, otherwise known as infibulation. The health effects of this practice can vary but can include recurrent infections, chronic pain, infertility, epidermoid cysts, complications during childbirth, and can lead to fatal bleeding. It can also mean that girls need to be cut in order to have sexual intercourse and then to give birth.

FGM is illegal in the UK, as is arranging for girls to travel abroad for this.

Female Genital Reconstruction

Mr Inglefield has specialised in female genital reconstruction for many years and his experience with labiaplasty and Male to Female gender reassignment surgery has led him to develop a skill set that is ideal for reconstruction and repair following FGM.

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Mr. Christopher Inglefield

Mr. Christopher Inglefield BSc, MBBS, FRCS(Plast) was born in Trinidad, West Indies, and obtained his Medical Degree from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and Trinidad in 1985.

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