London Bridge Plastic Surgery has noted an increase in the numbers of patients looking to get treatments and non-invasive surgery within their lunch hours recently.

This is something which can be a real benefit and boost to a time-pressed patient – particularly if they are unable to work around downtime of days or weeks, due to other commitments.

LBPS have been giving treatments within a lunch hour for some time now, with some treatments taking as little as 20 minutes and no downtime: the patient simply comes in, gets treatment, and is back to work that afternoon. We’re firm believers in the belief that patients should not have any kind of invasive or non-invasive cosmetic surgery for the sake of it.

As medical professionals, we will only commit to treating patients as part of a wider push for better well-being, and for them to take full responsibility for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are, of course, benefits to having invasive cosmetic surgery, if a patient is so distressed by their body image that only plastic surgery will help them.

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To find out more, simply contact the LBPS Clinic here and ask for more information on non-invasive cosmetic surgery at our central London clinic.