Often seen as a problem that only affects teenagers, adult acne can be an extremely embarrassing and demoralising affliction.
Adult acne actually affects around 25% of adult men and up to 50% of adult women at some time during their adult lives. A third of those affected with acne on the face also have it on their body. Possible causes of acne can be hormones, stress and cosmetics among many others.

In our clinic at London Bridge Plastic Surgery, we treat acne in a variety of ways. Among these is Isolaz – treatment of acne both for face and body. Isolaz is the first technology for aesthetics in the world that combines a vacuum action with a broadband light which delivers effective acne treatment. The vacuum effect allows dirt, blackheads and excess oil to be extracted from deep in the pores, while the broadband light helps to destroy the acne causing bacteria as well as decrease facial redness.

It is a painless way to treat the acne and is also quick and easy allowing people to return to daily activities immediately. Our expert skincare specialist, Cheryl Marshall Williams can also advise on a tailor made treatment course of peels and light therapy treatments to reduce the acne whilst rejuvenating the skin and minimising any scarring. If scarring has previously occurred, we can also use various skincare techniques such as Dermarollers to reduce the scarring and even out the complexion. For home care we would recommend the OXY Clearlight – a blue light technology device to target spots and acne and reduce redness.

If you would like to learn more about the LBPS acne treatments, please call us on 0207 487 0900