Botulinum Toxin is well known in its use for hyperhidrosis treatment (excessive sweating) but it is now increasingly being used for people without a medical need – to reduce sweating and the unsightly and annoying sweat patches that this causes , reducing the need for an antiperspirant. The Botulinum Toxin paralyses the sweat glands responsible for the production of sweat. This also decreases the acid production that can stain and damage clothes. Here at LBPS we offer this treatment with our specialists – you can find out more here.

For beautiful hair free underarms, our state of the art Soprano laser can free you of constant shaving and hair removal. It gently heats the area to be treated so it is less painful than other laser treatments, and can be used on all skin tones and most hair colours. After a course of treatments you need no longer worry about hairy arm pits!