According to the 2012 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of botulinum toxin treatments among young people in their twenties rose by 8 % from 2011. What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting this treatment so young? By preventing the movement in the face, which over time leads to the formation of wrinkles, then the treatment is working as a preventative rather than corrective treatment.

However, if this treatment is being used to ‘correct’ something that does not exist and is as a result of cultural or social pressure to look better, then it may be best avoided in these younger years. Instead it is worth remembering that the healthiest approach is to develop good skin health from a young age, which includes using a good sunscreen such as the SkinCeuticals UV Defense and using an antioxidant to protect the skin. Diet and lifestyle factors also have an impact on skin health so it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with no smoking, minimised sun exposure and a good diet, to ensure that your skin is healthy.