Cellulite treatment at London Bridge Plastic Surgery

The bane of so many women’s lives, cellulite is a problem suffered by over 90% of the female population and 10% of men. As summer approaches, cellulite often comes to the forefront of our minds and we look for ways to remove it. The telltale ‘dimples’ or ‘cottage cheese effect’ is normally most noticeable on the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite has different potential causes which include:

• Hormonal changes

• Slow metabolism

• Total body fat

• Dehydration

• Thickness and colour of the skin

• Genetics

• Diet – a fatty, carbohydrate rich diet and too much salt may be contributing factors

• Lifestyle factors – sedentary lifestyles and smoking may influence cellulite

Cellulite occurs because pockets of fat which are underneath the skin, push up against the connective tissue fibres, so creating a dimpled look on the surface. When the fat cells swell, the cellulite appears worse.

Men have a thicker epidermis making the skin more resilient to dimpling, and also the skin structure of male and female skin is different, causing cellulite to occur more frequently in females.

Velashape – By using a combination of heat and vacuum with bi polar radio frequency, fat cells and the surrounding tissues can be heated to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage and at the same time creating a lifting and firming effect. The resulting immediate and long standing reduction in cellulite makes this treatment ideal for creating smoother thighs, buttocks and tummies.

Good nutrition is also fundamental to good skin tone, reducing cellulite and keeping the body hydrated and balanced. Kim our expert nutritionist, can guide you in the right direction with regards to the best way forward with a personalised nutrition programme.

Please call us to find out more and let us help you beat cellulite this summer!