We are often asked, “Why do we charge a consultation fee when other practices do not”. We feel very strongly that a consultation fee is important for a number of reasons – at LBPS we are dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of care for all our patients and at all stages we act in the best interests of our patients.

Mr Christopher Inglefield at LBPS

We never try to persuade a patient to have a treatment, rather we aim to provide all the information and discuss all the options available to allow our patients to achieve their desired outcome. A consultation is a learning process for you as a patient rather than a time for a surgeon to sell a procedure. For this reason we never try to lure patients with a free consultation. It is also a one to one time with an expert surgeon where goals can be discussed and the surgeon can understand your motivations and what you, as the patient, wishes to achieve.

Choosing to have surgery and then choosing an expert surgeon is an important process that you don’t enter into lightly. The consultation process is the first step in a journey that will inevitably cost you money and time and a consultation fee, which is redeemable against a surgical fee, should not be a hinderance in your decision. Rather more, it should give you confidence that your expert surgeon is not simply about getting people through the door, rather that they are providing a highly professional service that is in your best interests.