A recent survey by Confused.com showed that a worryingly one in three of the British population who opt to have cosmetic surgery go abroad to have it done. The main reason for this is price – many seek low cost procedures in Eastern Europe and further afield in countries such as Thailand. The Czech Republic is the most popular for breast implants with 19% of women choosing to go there. Switzerland is the most popular for facelifts (29%), botox (28%) and liposuction (14%).

The main problem is that more than half of those patients are unhappy with the results and have to have corrective treatment back in Britain to deal with problems that have occurred as a result of this cosmetic surgery tourism. Infection rates are very much higher (33%) compared to an average in the UK of 9%. Here at LBPS our infection rates for breast surgery are 0% and for all surgery is 5%. We would never accept an infection rate of 33% in our patients.

With these high revision and infection rates, I am concerned that patients are seeking cheap surgery abroad and putting their lives and finances at risk. One example of this is a recent patient who underwent a tummy tuck abroad costing £3000 – but on returning to the UK had severe complications which cost her another £5500 to rectify. She certainly would have been safer in the UK and saved nearly £3000! Hospitals and good clinics in the UK are strictly monitored for infection rates, revision rate and severe complications. None would be allowed to continue operating by the CQC with poor safety for patients. Unfortunately, this is why UK medicine and surgery can be more expensive – if you want safety and good results – it does not come cheaply!
So, I urge you to think carefully, do loads of research and consider any cost saving carefully when considering having Cosmetic Surgery Abroad. Good luck!