London Bridge Plastic Surgery came across this interesting article in the London Evening Standard recently, discussing the increasingly-popular area of earlobe surgery – or earlobe rejuvenation as we call it.

It’s an interesting – but misunderstood area of facial plastic surgery. The earlobes show signs of ageing or stretching similar to the eyelids, but are relatively neglected compared to the rejuvenation treatments for the face and eyelids.

With all rejuvenation programmes, it’s really important to maintain a harmonious balance with all facial features.

At London Bridge Plastic Surgery, we’ve pioneered our own bespoke treatment programme for restoring youthful earlobes.

Using either non-surgical or surgical treatments, we can provide safe and effective rejuvenation of earlobes. Early ageing of the earlobes is seen with the youthful fullness disappearing over time – this can be restored with a filler such as Juvederm Ultra or Radiesse.

Some patients may also benefit from fat grafting to the earlobes – especially if having a fat grafting to other areas of the face.

Stretched earlobes are most effectively treated by surgery, with our bespoke earlobe lift procedure, performed under local anaesthetic as an out-patient.

This provides effective rejuvenation of even severe earlobe laxity, with minimal downtime and recovery.