After a lot of research and trials to perfect the treatment, we are pleased to introduce the Jet Hair Treatment. This treatment promotes and encourages hair re-growth and helps to improve density, volume and thickness.

Over time and following certain conditions or periods of stress, we can lose hair and see a reduction in its volume and thickness. Until now, there have been limited ways to try to promote hair regrowth, many of which can be unsuccessful. Our revolutionary Jet Hair Treatment uniquely combines a number of treatments which are designed to enhance and promote hair growth:


  • Jet Peel – using pressurised water and air, the hair follicles are stimulated to promote new cell growth. A relaxing and refreshing treatment. It also helps the penetration of vitamins and antioxidants which soothe irritated scalps, hydrate dry scalps and rejuvenate the subcutaneous layers.


  • Dermaroller – using microscopic needles, Dermaroller stimulates regeneration and increases blood circulation to the scalp. It also enhances the absorption and efficacy of the antioxidants and the hair growth stimulating solution.


  • Home care treatments – depending on the nature of your hair loss or loss of volume, you may be given products to use at home to help promote the regeneration of the hair.

Jet Hair Treatment from LBPS

We have seen great results with both male and female patients who have hair loss, and these patients include all skin and hair types. The number of treatments required will depend on your individual situation and this can be discussed at your consultation.

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