Lustre Pure Light have introduced the Lustre Pure Light Pro – an enhanced device that now takes just twenty minutes a day and delivers a greater dose of light for even more effective acne treatment.

Lustre Pro

Harnessing the safe blue part of the visible light spectrum, Lustre Pure Light can treat spots by eliminating the spot-causing bacteria. Using a wavelength of 420nm, the light causes no damage to the skin, but kills the P.acnes bacteria which are responsible for acne. The new device allows a shorter treatment time – just twenty minutes, or if treating the whole face, just one hour. It also delivers a greater dose of light – 42 j/cm2 compared to 28.8j/cm2 per week which is totally safe and even more effective.

Lustre Pro before and after

To find out more about Lustre and how it can help in your treatment programme, please speak to Cheryl during your appointment or call us on 0207 487 0900 to purchase a device.