London Bridge Plastic Surgery came across an interesting and controversial cosmetic surgery story here this week, and thought it was worth a closer look.

An 83-year-old widow has elected to go for plastic surgery – after a decade of being a widow, she’s spent £5,000 on a breast implant procedure.

Is it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or, indeed, is it a moral question at all?

The patient has decided that cosmetic surgery will enhance and improve her quality of life.

It is the job of the plastic surgeon in front of her to help evaluate if surgery will benefit the patient’s life. We’ve focused on the quality of life element within performing cosmetic surgery at all times in our central London clinic: cosmetic surgery must improve a patient’s quality of life, or it just becomes an exercise in financial gain by the surgeon.

We have a Duty of Care to our patients.

Whilst we don’t know the full background to the patient’s case above, there would undoubtedly have been a long consultation process in place before electing to deliver cosmetic surgery to an 83-year-old woman. We hope, at least.