London Bridge Plastic Surgery saw this useful blog article and thought it was worth highlighting, with the beginning of Autumn officially with us.

Many might think that if it’s cloudy, there’s no need for skin protection against sunburn and UVA-induced skin ageing.

A great point to come from the article is that 70% of all UVA skin damage comes from casual exposure (unintended exposure) to harmful rays.

For those of us with sensitive skin, taking precautionary measures is essential. For those of who have sunburnt or prematurely-aged skin as a result of over-exposure to UVA rays, casual exposure is a real issue.

It’s an informative read, particularly at this time of year when despite cloud cover, the sun’s rays can still cause significant damage to unprotected skin.

There may, of course, be incidences where the damage has already been done – and we can help there, too