Here at LBPS we have noticed an increase in the number of men who are having laser hair removal treatments, which is in line with general findings that men are an increasing percentage of the market. As well as laser to remove the most common area that is treated, the back, men are also looking to have hair removed from their feet – avoiding the dreaded hobbit feet look.

Laser hair removal for men at LBPS

As fashions change and as summer approaches, men are wearing shorts, flip flops and sandals and they become increasingly self-conscious about the look of their legs and feet. Men are now more aware of treatments available to them and are more open to the possibility of having these treatments, especially with the increase of male celebrity endorsements and media coverage of these procedures.

And it’s not just laser hair removal that men are having – men are making up more and more of the total number of patients having invasive and non- invasive procedures, including fat reduction, removal of man boobs and face rejuvenation treatments.

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