London Bridge Plastic Surgery came across this interesting and somewhat disappointing article in the Daily Mail online this week, and we thought it was worth discussing further – not least because it is so far removed from our patients’ experiences here at our central London cosmetic surgery clinic.

Apparently, according to the survey highlighted in the Mail Online, one in five are not happy with the results of their plastic surgery procedures to the point where these patients request further cosmetic surgery to put right surgical mistakes.

Whilst the article does go on to discuss the excellent reputation held within the UK cosmetic surgery sector, it still portrays an overall negative image of the industry. This, of course, is very far removed from the experiences of our patients.

We firmly believe that as a private plastic surgery clinic in central London, we have a Duty Of Care to our patients.

We won’t advise any surgical procedure unless it is absolutely in their best interests – physically or emotionally – and our feedback and patient liaison practices give every patient the opportunity to safely and openly discuss any fears, worries or concerns with cosmetic surgery, both before and after any surgical procedures are performed.

One area not covered in the Mail Online article is the simple fact that there is always the possibility of surgical complications arising with certain cosmetic surgery procedures, as some are more complex than others. We always advise our patients of the risks and rewards of any kind of surgical procedure, including recovery time, possible areas of ongoing concern they might have, and general advice around specific cosmetic surgery operations.

We also work within the strict industry guidelines laid out by our key governing bodies, as well as allowing patients to provide full and public feedback on their experiences with us at our central London cosmetic surgery clinic.

Here are some of our recent patients’ comments on surgery at LBPS:

“I would like to take a moment to really thank you for absolutely everything! From the quality of care which I still receive from you, the confidence you instilled in what was a very nervous patient, to the fantastic results. It took me many years of research to find the best surgeon, and from the heart I can honestly tell you it was worth the wait. To know I can still contact you if any future concerns occur is a huge weight off my mind. Once again, thank you.”

“With many thanks for your care and concern, and particularly for the inspiring reconstruction work. I have very much appreciated the time you set aside to explain things to me, and your visits to reassure me when I was feeling vulnerable and scared.”

“Thank you for making me look and feel like a new woman. I don’t think that anyone really understands the psychological damage that certain things do – and you have made me whole again. I cannot begin to find the words to tell you how thrilled I am with the surgery. I went into the operation quite anti-cosmetic surgery, but I came out a complete convert. It was absolutely marvellous.”