London Bridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic noted a considerable amount of press coverage and debate around a fascinating TV series that screened recently.

My Transsexual Summer caused much debate, following the journey of seven trans-gender individuals.

Although not highly-publicised, due to the sensitive nature of Transgender Surgery, we are one of the leading clinics of related medical procedures in the UK.

In fact, our lead Plastic surgeon and LBPS Founder Christopher Inglefield is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Particular areas of expertise are in facial feminisation, body feminisation and gender reassignment surgery.

One recent patient, called Nicole, visited our clinic for advice and help. After an initial consultation, we were able to recommend immediate advice, including:

Facial hollowing – around the temple area of the face, which we could improve.

Nicole’s cheeks are also an area of the face which could be enhanced with a heart-shaped look, utilising surgery to give a fuller appearance.

Nicole’s lips looked too full, given that she has a wide mouth – our advice would be to feminise this part of the face.

Nicole’s breasts were unrealistic, with round implants. A better shape would be tear-drop implants under the muscle.