At LBPS we are used to making the news – as well as our popular Press Days at our central London clinic, we’ve also been enjoying some fantastic newspaper and magazine coverage in recent months.

Our lead surgeon Christopher Inglefield has been asked on numerous occasions to comment on the rise and rise of celebrity plastic surgery, and the implications of this on the general public in their decisions on how, when and what types of cosmetic surgery to consider.

We all know that celebrities love plastic surgery – it’s an intrinsic part of the culture in Hollywood, but Tinseltown is not life for the majority of us.

At LBPS, we advise patients to consider cosmetic surgery when younger to ensure it is not a result of Peer pressure.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery should be a highly personal decision, made on the basis of a very real need for physical and emotional change.

Many of our clients undergo plastic surgery for a sense of the wellbeing it gives them, some come to us because they simply want to change and improve their body image, whilst others come to us for purely medical and health-related reasons, where plastic surgery can assist them.

The bombardment by the media of images of perfect movie stars only adds pressure to have plastic surgery.

One of the most important pieces of advice we give prospective clients is to ensure that they visit a reputable surgeon – one who discusses the best options for each individual, rather than attempting to replicate a celebrity look.

If you have any questions about plastic surgery in London, please feel free to get in touch with us at our clinic direct on 0207 487 0900 – or, alternatively, book a consultation with us here.