At London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS) we’ve built a reputation for leading the way in non-invasive and virtually non-invasive cosmetic surgery in London.

One of our most significant successes in virtually non-invasive treatments recently has been the introduction in June 2009 of the Silhouette Face Lift, and the Silhouette Brow lift in June 2010.

We were the first plastic surgeons in the UK to use this method, and it’s been hugely popular ever since.

There are currently no more than half a dozen cosmetic surgeons in the country delivering this treatment, and we’re proud to have introduced it into the UK. But why did we do it, and what makes it so successful?

This treatment is ideal for male and female patients over 40, who are experiencing facial and neck skin sagging, and are looking for a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance without the recovery times associated with a full facelift.

The main benefits include:

* Local anaesthetic only

* Recovery time minimal

* Natural, fresh appearance

We are pleased and proud to be the leading London plastic surgery clinic in this treatment, and are seeing a steady increase in patient interest, too.