London Bridge Plastic Surgery had the pleasure and privilege to deliver presentations recently at this year’s prestigious FACE conference (find out more abour FACE at in London – and the event proved London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS) to be an outstanding forum for the very best in facial aesthetics.

There were excellent presentations covering Facial Aesthetics, Toxins, Fillers and devices – the main focus has been the advances in Radiofrequency rejuvenation, lifting and acne scar treatment. LBPS’s very own Chris Inglefield presented to the conference on the Sliding Injection technique using flexible micro-cannulae for injecting fillers – this technique has revolutionized the use of fillers.

Dr David Goldberg presented on the benefits of ablative fractional radiofrequency treatment with effective superficial treatment to target sun damage and ageing changes, combined with deeper dermal tightening for lifting. This demonstrated the progress of radiofrequency treatments in skin rejuvenation. The aim being the gold standard results achieved by LASER CO2 resurfacing, but without the downtime. A really informative session.

Dr Stephen Mulholland presented his experience with simultaneous Transepidermal and subdermal radiofrequency for skin lifting using the Facetite platform. Dr Mulholland demonstrated excellent results with his technique. Again, this points to the valuable place of radiofrequency in facial rejuvenation. The FaceTite platform is, however, an invasive treatment with some concurrent downtime.

Mr Lucian Ion spoke about the value of 3D imaging in the consultation process, as part of the treatment plan and in accessing the results of treatment. At LBPS, we have employed 3D imaging for the past three years with a positive benefit for our patients. Dr Koenraad De Boulle gave a wonderful demonstration of volumizing the face with Juvederm. He emphasised the value of careful assessment and planning. Treatment of the cheeks is the key to restoring a youthful face. Many patients benefit from volume around the eyebrows and temples to lift the eyebrows and smooth out the crow’s feet lines.

LBPS also recommend adding volume around the chin and corners of the mouth as well as in the forehead, for a complete face rejuvenation.

Dr Robin Stones gave an excellent presentation on Medical Skin Needling for Facial Rejuvenation. This has become the front-line medical aesthetic treatment for acne scars and texture, tone, lines, wrinkles and laxity improvement in ageing and photodamaged skin. Dr Stones discussed the clinical studies providing evidence based safety and efficacy for acne scars and ageing skin. Medical Micro-needling has also proved beneficial for stretch marks and surgical scars. Combining micro-needling with topical anti-oxidants and radiofrequency provides very good improvement in skin rejuvenation.

Dr Timothy Flynn reviewed the latest published papers from dermatology and plastic surgery on the three botulinum toxins in clinical use. He presented a scientific appraisal of the toxins with a useful description of the pros and cons for each. Dr Flynn also presented the newer indications for botulinum toxins, such as for the treatment of hyperhidrosis and square jaw reshaping.

Dr Jean-Luc Vigneron presented a comprehensive review and his experience on the pathophysiology and treatment of acne. The range of acne was discussed and the importance of understanding the nature of acne in order to institute an effective treatment plan. Treatment options include skin peels, retinoids, Blue LEDs (Omnilux), antibiotics and micro-needling. P.acnes bacteria have traditionally been blamed for the inflammation in acne. However, recent bacteriological studies have found that P.acnes is a normal inhabitant of health skin. Acne lesions are colonised by Staph.

Epidermidis with other bacteria, resulting in the more severe forms of acne. The aim of treatment is the reduce outbreaks and prevent scaring.

So, a thoroughly useful, informative and enlightening three day annual conference once more – and with the added benefit for LBPS of being asked to provide key presentations, too.

It was fantastic to be involved.