London Bridge Plastic Surgery saw an interesting article via the BBC this week, concerning Ovarian Cancer in women, and how this is linked to fatty deposits in the body.

What was even more interesting from the research presented, we thought, was the relationship between build up of fat in the body and how this is used by certain cancer cells to grow and spread more rapidly through the body.

With the devastating effect of numerous cancers being felt across the country and across the world today, anything which helps to slow the growth of a cancer in the body is positive, of course.

In terms of the article here at LBPS we offer a Body Composition Analysis which is designed to clearly and effectively give patients a thorough insight into measuring the percentage of body water and body fat present – this is an essential prerequisite to successful cosmetic surgery but also gives insight into potential future health issues.

We use the InBody Analysis device for this treatment – recognised as one of the World’s best medical devices in this area.