London Bridge Plastic Surgery like to keep abreast of the latest cosmetic surgery news, hot topics and trends – so seeing this item on the BBC health section caught our eye, regarding obesity.

According to a study carried out by Oxford University, as reported by the BBC, obesity is the main cause of breast cancer in older women – with the majority of cases being fuelled by hormones.

Hormone levels rise in the body depending on the amount of stored fat the body holds – hence the direct link to obesity. In fact, according to the study, alcohol and smoking are below obesity as causes of breast cancer in the UK.

Worrying news for those not watching their fat intake and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – a prerequisite to keeping in shape and looking good, as we’ve long-advocated here at the London Bridge Plastic Surgery clinic in central London.

The risk of breast cancer apparently increases by up to three times with obesity as an associated issue in older women – this, to us, highlights the need for a healthy lifestyle.

Obviously, cosmetic surgery can help – with procedures such as fat reduction, tummy tucks and uplift surgery but the main consideration from the BBC story should be to prioritise a healthy diet and lifestyle firstly