London Bridge Plastic Surgery are pleased to announce the arrival of a long-awaited cosmetic product at our central London clinic this week.

The new AOX Eye Gel is in stock now at our cosmetic surgery clinic, and following a long-anticipated launch, we can now offer it to our clients. This breakthrough serum-in-a-gel product contains an antioxidant combination which helps protect the eye area from stress whilst also reviving the under-eye skin from the appearance of puffiness.

The unique and patented Vitamin C technology is delivered via a gelifier, which is highly effective in delivering the serum to specific eye areas. The gel works in numerous ways, including anti-ageing action as well as correcting existing photo-damage.

The product contains Ruscus Aculeatus which increases under-the-eye circulation. This reduces swelling, and added caffeine provides extra drainage of fluids whilst also lessening puffiness.

Used daily, this corrective eye treatment restores a fresh appearance around the eyes whilst providing an easy way to fight eye fatigue. It’s a brilliant product, and we’re really pleased to be able to offer it now.