It is that time of year when the entire British population seem to be sunning themselves and making the most of spells of glorious weather to enjoy the outdoors tanning times.

One thing to remember, we need some sunlight to make Vitamin D, however, too much sun is harmful to the skin, and damaged, sunburnt skin is painful, often leading to premature skin aging and risk of skin cancer later in life.

This is where we recommend our Skinceuticals range of products – their CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF have been shown in medical research to repair the UV damage – which leads to ageing and skin cancer, in extreme cases.

Protection is, of course, the priority, and Sun Protection Factors (SPFs) can be misleading.

For example, the maximum SPF50 may not provide adequate UVA protection. UVA is responsible for aging in the skin – pigmentation, lines and wrinkles.

It is a lack of skin protection which causes skin ageing changes, over time, and real damage.

Our philosophy is to protect the skin, and also repair damage – to prevent ageing changes and the possibility of increased risk of skin cancer.