Seeing Simon Cowell in a recent photo again reminded me of how many men work hard to maintain a good physique and despite some tummy fat, look pretty good. But! As evidenced by Simon Cowell, many men cannot improve their man-boobs! This is a tough one – as frequently, the harder they work out the worse their chest gets.

Simon Cowell

Why is this so? Unfortunately, as we age, many men will start to deposit fat in the breast area. Some with even develop breast tissue. In conjunction with this – the pectoral muscles lose fullness. This allows the chest skin to droop (very similar to a woman’s breast with ageing) giving the typical appearance of man-boobs.

What can be done? First thing is to exclude any causes of breast development – medication, cannabis, testicular tumours etc. A thorough exam and blood tests are usually recommended. Options include non-surgical treatments and VASER Liposuction with fat grafting to enhance the pectoral muscles. Non-surgical treatments which are proven to be effective are Ultra-Velashape, using ultrasound to break down fat and Velashape 2 to firm up the chest skin. These are safe and no down-time treatments.

For more severe cases, VASER liposuction is necessary to remove the excess fat around the breast area and at the same time add fat graft to build up the pectoral muscles and lift the chest. This provides the optimum results of a more athletic male chest. Surgery does have risks and potential side effects so these need to be considered carefully before deciding on the option. For more information – Male chest reduction.