London Bridge Plastic Surgery saw an interesting article from The Mail Online recently, which caused us some concern.

And which also highlighted that effective plastic surgery for women must be balanced with other lifestyle factors, such as a healthy diet and regular exercise routine for long-term health and wellbeing benefits.

The article states that from a survey of 5,000 British women, only 3% are happy with their bodies, whilst 73% think about their body shape or size daily.

These are worrying statistics, albeit from a cross-section of females rather than a larger percentage across the UK.

One of the most interesting parts of the editorial, for us, was this: “Twice as many women [surveyed] would consider plastic surgery compared with those prepared to take regular exercise to shape up. It is a worrying trend that seems to put the priority on being slim and attractive above being fit and healthy.”

We wholeheartedly agree with this – cosmetic surgery works best when a patient is unhappy with a part of their body, and wants to enhance how they feel about themselves and their body. Plastic surgery is not about a ‘quick fix’ to get a celebrity-a-like body, or it shouldn’t be.

Our team of surgeons are committed to providing a Duty Of Care to all patients – which means no frivolous cosmetic surgery is recommended or performed. Yes, LBPS is a business, but we are also medical professionals.