The government have released their final report on PIP implants, after reviewing carefully all the available evidence. Their findings are summarised below:

• Rigorous world-wide chemical and toxicological analyses of a wide variety of PIP implants have not shown any evidence of significant risk to human health;

• There is no reason to believe that further testing will change this conclusion, given the results of the chemical analysis and the number of batches that have now been tested world-wide, which have all reached a similar conclusion;

• PIP implants are significantly more likely to rupture or leak silicone than other implants, by a factor of around 2-6, and this difference is detectable within 5 years of implantation;

• In a proportion of cases, failure of the PIP implant results in local reactions but these are readily detected by outward clinical signs – “silent” ruptures (ruptures which come to light only on explantation) are not generally associated with these local reactions.

PIP Implants are NOT associated with any increased risk of breast cancer.

In summary, PIP implants are clearly substandard although there is no evidence of a significant increased risk of clinical problems in the absence of rupture.

London Bridge Plastic Surgery advises that all women who have PIP implants should seek advice about having these implants removed or replaced. It is important to have a full discussion about PIP implants and your specific options.

London Bridge Plastic Surgery continues to offer all patients who have PIP implants, a no-fee consultation and 50% reduction on surgical and hospital fees.