With the London Marathon this weekend, and Summer (hopefully!) round the corner, many people will be pounding the pavements or on the running machine. But what of the fear of varicose veins being caused by running? In fact, for those without Varicose Veins, running can actually help prevent them by increasing blood circulation. However, for those already afflicted with Varicose Veins, running can be a painful experience, and the symptoms of swelling, heaviness and tiredness can mean running is not enjoyable. If you do want to continue running with the start of Varicose Veins be careful to:

  • Wear some sort of compression garment that increases blood flow
  • Run on softer surfaces which are shock absorbant such as rubber or grass
  • Stop running if symptoms are acute and if the veins bulge

However, our vein specialist Dr Florian Netzer, would recommend that if your Varicose Veins are already a problem, you should avoid high impact exercise like running and instead get exercise by walking, swimming or another low impact activity and seek treatment to remove the Varicose Veins. To book a consult with Dr Netzer, please call us on 0207 487 090 or email us at [email protected]