At London Bridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic, we were thrilled to be approached by Frankie Essex and Chloe Sims, cast of The Only Way Is Essex – TOWIE, who were both seeking procedures with us. Frankie consulted with me regarding breast augmentation which she had been thinking about since she lost weight. We discussed her aims and different implants before she decided on the size and shape of implants that she wanted. You may have read about Frankie Essex’s boob job in the media so we thought we would explain what we did here.


We used Silimed PURE teardrop implants to create a natural look for Frankie and she was thrilled with the results. She has been coming for post-operative Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD which will help ease the initial swelling and firmness of the breasts that often happens in the first few weeks post operation. Her breasts have now settled well and are looking fantastic.

Chloe came to consult with me to improve lines around her eyes and shape of her cheeks and chin. I injected Juvederm to shape her cheeks and corners of her mouth and chin. I then used Bocouture (Botulinum toxin) to treat her large masseter muscles which gave her a masculine square jaw, and also to relax the frown and crow’s feet muscles. The last touch was to relax her mentalis muscle in her chin, which was giving her a deep crease below her lip. Chloe left feeling positive and looking great.

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