You will see Mr Inglefield and one of our nurses. Your medical history will be reviewed and your desire to have breast enhancement, your reasons, how this is affecting you. Also, any family history of breast cancer and cancers such as ovary, uterus and bowel will be checked. A detailed examination needs to be performed to ensure that you and your breasts are healthy.

Breast Implant consultation

Measurements will be taken of your chest and breasts to give a basis for implant sizes. You will then be able to try on various sizes of implants to give you options. In some instances, 3D imaging will need to be performed to all more accurate size and shape determination. 3D imaging gives you the most accurate depiction of your desired result. Following this, you will be guided on the optimum size, shape and positioning of your implants to achieve your desired result.

A full and detailed discussion with be provided about the surgery, recovery, healing, return to work, possible side effects and risks, future pregnancy, breast feeding, cancer screening and revision or replacement surgery. Our goal is to achieve your desired result (which is realistic!) in one operation. As far as is possible we do not want you to need any more surgery in the future.

Following your consultation, you will be provided with a written quotation. We do not under any circumstances pressure you into booking surgery. You should think about your surgery very carefully before deciding to proceed. If you have any further questions you will be encouraged to speak to our nurse who can also arrange for you to speak with one of our patients about breast implant surgery.