Choosing a good therapist is fundamental to receiving an effective, comfortable and safe treatment. From the moment you meet your therapist until the completion of the treatment, you should feel comfortable and able to trust that your therapist has the best outcome in mind for you as an individual. At LBPS, our highly trained therapists, Lynsey and Shaneed, will create a bespoke treatment for each patient, right from the start. A detailed consultation ensures that the patient expectations are guided to what can be achieved and what would be the best treatment programme to maximise their outcome.

During the treatment, the therapist should explain what she is doing and why, and should be sensitive to any feedback that the patient gives. She should also be clear about what to expect – if the treatment includes, for example, flashing lights, so that the patient can relax and let the therapist carry out the procedure. Our therapists have years of experience, allowing patients to be completely confident in their care.

After the procedure, each patient should be given after care information, including any products that may be necessary for home care.

We take great care at LBPS to ensure that our therapists are not only highly professional, caring and understanding of patients, but also that they regularly undergo training to ensure that they are always at the cutting edge of knowledge and understanding of technology and treatment. We work only with the very best, scientifically proven technologies, and it is often the feedback from our therapists that enhances these treatments worldwide.

You can be assured that at LBPS, you will receive the very best in care, professional attitude and outcome of treatment.