At London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS) we believe that the first question a London-based plastic surgeon should ask would always be “Is this surgical procedure in the best interests of the patient?”

It is easy to forget, in this age of increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures – as highlighted daily in the Press via celebrity stars, Hollywood actresses, and various media channels online – that the main purpose of a plastic surgeon is still, fundamentally, to help people.

Plastic surgery is a technical and creative profession, and one of the most important elements to remember.

Cosmetic surgery is not about making a medical sale, or delivering a marketing exercise designed to generate the most profit from each patient. We have a duty of care to you.

One of the most rewarding parts of being a leading London-based plastic surgeon is the daily ability to fix things for patients, whilst also delivering outstanding plastic surgery procedures from our Wimpole Street clinic.

We’re mindful of our medical responsibilities, constantly aware of our duty of care for our patients, and daily asking ourselves that crucial first question.

Were you aware of that approach the last time you booked in a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon?

If not, it might be worth contacting us today.