Dr Florian Netzer Varicose Veins Treatment

We often think that sick veins will be visible on the legs, but many of the symptoms of sick veins can be hidden – if you have afternoon fatigue, are lethargic or find it hard to concentrate, you may have poorly functioning veins and it is important to check them to understand the full extent of the functioning.

Dr Netzer, our specialist vein surgeon, can provide a thorough examination of your veins. Using ultrasound to explore fully in 3D, all the veins and their sources can be mapped and traced to build up a picture of the functioning of the venous system. During the examination, Dr Netzer can also measure the blood flow through the veins to gauge if different parts of the system are functioning as they should. It is important at this time to also take a full medical history so that any indications of poorly functioning veins can be noted, and any other impact on the veins can be seen. There will also be an analysis of differences in skin temperature using a thermographic camera, which will contribute still further to the overall picture of vein and circulatory health, highlighting any reflux.

Once a complete picture has been built up, a personalised treatment plan can be mapped out, which provides for the individual nature of each person’s vein profile. Dr Netzer can also give advice and tips on the best way to care for your veins so that you can optimise your general health.

We are offering this comprehensive vein assessment for a limited period for £150. Please call or email us to find out more.