Silimed manufacture silicone medical devices, including implants that are CE Marked and approved by world health bodies.

Silimed developed a rigorous production process, investing in research and technology to assure that it’s products comply with all safety and quality standards determined by health authorities of the countries in which they sell. They use only high quality raw materials, with advanced technology. The silicone used in the production is imported from United States (Applied Silicone Corporation) and is 100% medical grade and regulated by the FDA.

The London Bridge Plastic Surgery take every step possible to make sure that our patients have the highest possible standard of care and that includes researching and providing information so that each patient is armed with the most up to the minute information and knowledge that the industry has to offer, in order to make and educated and informed choice about the procedures that they wish to undergo. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at our clinic direct on 0207 487 0900 – or, alternatively, book a consultation with us here.