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Silhouette Neck Lift

Aging changes and gravity cause loosening and drooping of the tissues of the neck. Even as early as the late 30s, many patients will dislike the appearance of their neck and desire rejuvenation. There may be early jowls and these patients would traditionally be treated with a Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift. However, new minimally invasive procedures, the Silhouette Neck Lift and Ribbon Lift (Endotine) can provide significant neck lifting and rejuvenation. In conjunction with the Silhouette Face Lift or Silhouette Face Lift or Endotine Mid-Face Lift, these innovative procedures deliver the safe, simple and effective rejuvenation of the Lower Face and Neck.

Silhouette Neck Lift

Silhouette Neck Lift FAQ’s
  • What is the Silhouette Neck Lift, Minimally invasive Neck Lift?
    The Silhouette Neck Lift uses an innovative thread with bio-absorbable cones to lift and secure the neck tissues through a short incision behind the ear. The threads secure the tissue during the normal healing phase and the cones are absorbed by the body after 10 -12 weeks leaving the threads intact to hold the lifting effect.
  • Who is a good candidate for the Silhouette Neck Lift?
    The Silhouette Neck Lift is an excellent option for patients with early jowling, who need a well defined cervico-mental angle and patients with early neck laxity or platysmal bands who wish to avoid major invasive procedures. Silhouette Neck Lift is suitable for heavy necked male patients or patients who have residual neck laxity following a previous Face Lift who require a further adjustment. The Silhouette Neck Lift is suitable for patients in their 40’s to early 50’s.
  • How is the Silhouette Neck Lift performed?
    Initial consultation will determine the goals of treatment, make note of any associated abnormalities or asymmetry and plan the optimum treatment to achieve the ideal result in each patient. The Silhouette Neck Lift is carried out in the out-patient setting and takes approximately 45 minutes and is commonly performed in combination with the Silhouette Face Lift. A local anaesthetic injection is used to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Liposculpture of the neck may be performed to remove any excess fat and an incision is made around the earlobe. The Silhouette Threads are passed from below the earlobe to the anterior neck just below the jaw-line. The Threads are then pulled back to lift the neck and define the jaw-line and secured to the deep tissue behind the ear.

    This lifting action may produce excess skin around the earlobe which can trimmed to complete the procedure. A short course of antibiotics will be prescribed.

  • Will the treatment be painful / cause bruising?
    Minimal discomfort is expected during the treatment and minimal bruising may occur, which will usually resolve after 1 week.
  • When will results be seen?
    Improvement in the neck and jaw line will be seen immediately following the Silhouette Neck Lift. Any swelling will resolve in 1 week.
  • How long will the result last?
    The effects of the Silhouette Neck Lift are long lasting. However, this procedure rejuvenates the neck but does not stop the effects of gravity and aging, therefore, additional treatments may be required in 3 – 5 years.
  • What are the side effects or risks?
    Mild discomfort, swelling and bruising can occur. Infections with the Neck Lift are rare. The neck may feel tight for the first 4 – 6 weeks and the area may be tender for the first 2 weeks.
  • When will I be able to return to normal activities?
    Restricted activities are advised for 1 week following the Silhouette Neck Lift. Wearing a neck support is recommended for the first week. Avoid vigorous activity for 4 weeks following the Lift.


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