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Body Lift

Aging, pregnancy, and weight gain & loss all take their toll on your shape, especially around the waist, hips, and buttocks. Skin laxity and stubborn fat contribute to the heavy abdomen and hips making it difficult to wear the clothes you want and also increasing lower back pain. At London Bridge Plastic Surgery, our expert care and professional service ensure your safe and natural aesthetic appearance in Body Lift Surgery.

Body Lift FAQ’s
  • What is a Body Lift?
    Body Lift Surgery is a plastic surgery procedure performed to remove excess fat and skin around the lower abdomen and back to restore a shapely silhouette and achieve a natural aesthetic appearance around your whole body. Body lift surgery addresses both the laxity of the abdomen and lower back/buttocks as well as outer thighs in one surgical procedure.
  • What are the benefits of Body Lift Surgery?
    Our London Body Lift surgery is performed to reduce the heavy lower abdomen, hips, and sagging bottom to enable you to wear the clothes you want and boost your self-esteem. Body Lift can restore a youthful figure following weight loss or pregnancy. Diabetic patients may benefit following a Body Lift by improved blood sugar control or reduced requirements for medication. The improvement in body shape can boost your self-confidence and comfort enabling you to exercise effectively to maintain good body weight and shape.
  • What is the cost of Body Lift Surgery in London?
    The cost for Body Lift Surgery in London starts from £12535 which will vary depending on your individual case and includes your pre-operative and post-operative care. You will be provided with a detailed quotation following your Consultation. Please read more about our Fees at LBPS
  • What are the risks of Body Lift Surgery?
    Common to all surgical procedures there are always risks associated with surgery. However, Body Lift Surgery is a safe procedure when performed by a fully qualified and trained Plastic, Cosmetic Surgeon in Hospitals with a high standard of care. The common risks are bleeding (less than 0.5%), infection (less than 0.5%) delayed skin healing, and seroma collection (fluid under the skin). Each of these risks may require revision surgery. Other risks that may occur are, poor scarring, hypertrophic or keloid scars, blood clots – DVT and PE (0.5%), asymmetry, numbness of the skin. Our expert minimises these risks to ensure your safety throughout your procedure.
  • Do I need to lose weight before my Body Lift Surgery?
    We recommend that you should be as close to your ideal body weight as possible before you undergo a Body Lift, with your weight stable for more than 6 months. However, many patients find it very difficult to exercise effectively with a heavy lower abdomen, back, and hips. It is important even in this circumstance that you maintain healthy nutrition and are losing weight before your surgery.
  • Does Body Lift Surgery require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?
    Body Lift Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic as an overnight procedure to ensure your safe recovery.
  • How long is the procedure?
    A Body Lift normally takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to perform.
  • How long is the recovery time?
    Moderate pain/discomfort is expected for 3 – 5 days. Patients can go back to their normal daily activities after 2 weeks, but avoid strenuous exercise/activity for 6 weeks. It will be necessary to wear a support garment for the first 6 weeks, day and night, and the second 6 weeks during the day. The majority of swelling will resolve in 4 -6 weeks but it will take up to 3 months to return to normal.
  • What about the scars following Body Lift?
    Unfortunately, it is necessary to have a scar as a result of Body Lift, but every effort is made to minimize the scars and ensure that these areas inconspicuous as possible. The goal is to achieve a scar that, once fully healed is barely visible. The scar is placed within the pants line – bikini line usually from hip to hip, for the tummy tuck part, extending around the back to the buttock crease in the midline for the buttock lift part. There will also be a scar around the umbilicus (belly button).
  • Will the abdominal muscles need to be tightened at the time of my Body Lift?
    Stretching of the muscle in the abdomen occurs during weight gain, pregnancy, and also with aging resulting in the widening of the youthful waistline. Therefore, at the time of your Abdominoplasty part of the Body Lift, the muscles will be tightened, if necessary.
  • Will drains be used at the time of Body Lift Surgery?
    At LBPS, we believe that any blood or fluid under the abdominal skin and back, leads to inflammation and scarring, which can prolong the healing and lessen the quality of your outcome. Therefore, drains will be placed at the time of your Body Lift surgery. These may be removed before you leave the hospital or will be kept in place for 4 or 5 days.
  • What reassurance do I have with Body Lift Surgery?
    At LBPS, we understand that Body Lift Surgery is an important and daunting decision for you and we aim to support you before, during, and long after your surgery. Right from your first contact through to your 1-year follow-up visit, we will provide you with the highest standard of care to minimize risks as much as possible and provide the optimum results for you.
  • What about the results?
    The results are first and foremost natural. The goals of Body Lift surgery are to restore your proportions to achieve a natural aesthetic appearance. The result should boost your self-confidence; allow you to wear the clothes you wish and feel more comfortable.
  • Am I the ideal patient for Body Lift Surgery?
    If you would like to improve your body shape because of skin laxity and excess fat in your lower abdomen, lower back, and bottom, which does not reduce with good diet and exercise, and you have been concerned by this for a long time, do not have any serious medical conditions and are not significantly overweight, then our London Body Lift is likely to be suitable for you.
  • How long do the results last?
    The results of Body Lift Surgery are expected to permanent if performed in conjunction with a good diet and exercise. However, you should be aware that if you gain or lose significant weight following your Body Lift, the results of your surgery will not be optimal.
  • Can Body Lift be combined with any other procedure?
    Yes. Frequently, Liposuction or VASER is performed at the time of a Body Lift especially around the hips, outer thighs, or inner thighs to achieve an aesthetically balanced shape. Body Lift can also be performed with Breast Surgery such as uplift, Mastopexy, or Breast Reduction. What is possible and safe for you will depend on your goals and your individual circumstance.
  • Is there an alternative to a Body Lift?
    At the present time, there is not an alternative to Body Lift Surgery for a person who has significant excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen and back with sagging of the buttocks. However, for patients who desire modest improvement and wish to avoid surgery, non-surgical treatments usually in combination – Velashape can effectively reduce excess fat and tighten the skin. Both of these treatments provide a painless option with gradual improvement in body contour during a course of treatments.

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