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Mommy Makeover

An exciting and all consuming time, new motherhood can also bring with it many changes to your body. When trying to restore a pre-baby body, some women find that there are aspects that diet and exercise alone cannot correct. Particularly the breasts, tummy area and vagina all undergo changes which are noticeable to the new mother. It may also be hard to shift weight that is gained during pregnancy, especially in stubborn pockets. Women may experience a decrease in vaginal tone and find that they develop problems such as stress incontinence following birth.

Understanding these body changes and what can be done to help is something that we take seriously at LBPS. Our skilled, experienced and qualified team of both Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Nurses can recommend the very best treatments for you to achieve the results you desire.

Breast Changes

Enlargement of breasts during pregnancy and breast feeding can result in drooping of the breasts and stretch mark formation, and a loss of volume can leave the breasts looking deflated. Breast Augmentation can restore volume to the breasts and mastopexy or breast uplift can help to reshape the breast and give back a pre-baby look and feel.


After birth, the connective fibres of the abdomen do not always regain their previous elasticity, so leaving women with stretched, loose skin and stretch marks. For those who have been through a caesarean section, there may also be a scar. The muscle fibres have been stretched or damaged within the abdomen, leading to a reduction in tone and many women feel that it is hard to regain definition to their waist as they had before. Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck can help to regain previous shape, remove loose skin and help improve tone. This can often be combined with Liposuction to give the best results. Or if surgery is not right for you, non-surgical Ultra-Vela treatments may be more suitable.


Loss of vaginal tone and stress incontinence are two noticeable effects of pregnancy on many women. The FemiLift LASER Vaginal Tightening, is a new pain free, highly effective and totally safe way to restore vaginal tone and reduce stress incontinence. It works by contracting muscle and elastic fibres of the vaginal wall thereby restoring tone in the vagina and helping to eliminate stress incontinence.


Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and after birth can bring changes in the skin. During pregnancy, and after when you are breastfeeding, some products should never be used, especially those which contain medicated ingredients. Our specialist Skin Health experts can guide you through the safest products and treatments for this time. Our experts can work with you to implement a tailored skin care programme to help your skin to get a healthy glow, both during and after your pregnancy. Along with this, our Plastic Surgeons can advise and reassure you regarding any moles which may have changed.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks worsen and can become darker and enlarge after pregnancy. These are notoriously hard to eliminate, however using Intensive Microneedling, we can help reduce the appearance of these. Microneedling helps to restore the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin that have been disrupted in the formation of stretch marks, so reducing their appearance and helping to improve the quality of the skin in these areas.

Varicose Veins

Some women can suffer with varicose veins during and after pregnancy because increased hormone levels and blood volume and pressure can put strain on the veins. They can be uncomfortable and unsightly and cause swollen legs and ankles. Many pregnancy varicose veins reduce after pregnancy, however, those that persist can be treated by our expert Varicose Vein surgeon, Dr Florian Netzer, who can remove the veins in a pain free, no downtime, no scarring single procedure.

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