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Cyndi - Breast Augmentation with Gender Reassignment

Cyndi - Breast Augmentation with Gender Reassignment

8th December 2012

I had my operation at the Weymouth Hospital. I woke in the afternoon feeling comfortable. As I had had other surgery I was kept in for 7 days so I had drains in for a few days. There was no pain, just slight discomfort.

14th December 2012

I went home, being careful not to strain myself as I had an all night sleeper journey. I arrived home safely wearing my support bra. I’ve been wearing this all day and night and will change my scar tape every five days. I am still slightly swollen but not too sore.

21st December 2012

I went down to London for my first check-up. I was so comfortable there, it was like meeting old friends – I was made to feel very cared for. Everything was fine and Mr Inglefield was very happy with how I was healing. I was still a little swollen but I couldn’t stop smiling at the results! For the next month I stayed in my support bra all day and night and continued to change my scar tape every five days.

21st January 2013

I returned to London for my next check-up. The swelling had gone right down and they are not really sore at all unless I knock myself. I have a lovely natural look and they are now much softer.

4th March 2013

I came for my 3rd check-up and was so happy to see everyone at London Bridge Plastic Surgery. Mr Inglefield was really happy with the way I have healed and my breasts are now soft and nearly completely at their finished shape and size. I am so very happy with the results! I now wear my support bra at night but if I’m going out I can wear a nice pretty one. I still keep the scar tape on and am still changing it every five days.

28th march

Did a bit in the garden – I put my support bra on so I would not hurt myself . Am feeling good and happy. I’m still doing massage every other day now.

23rd April

My birthday! Feel I have everything I could want! So happy with my breasts -best ever! Cannot believe what a lovely job Mr. Inglefield has done! Still doing massage every other day.

3rd May

Out in the garden doing some light tiding just wearing my normal bra now. Feel fine -not hurting in any way and I think I have healed completely now. I’ll find out at my 6 month check up.

23rd May

Still taping every 5 days and changing the tape -not sure if I still have to but will keep going till I am told to stop.

1st June

Very happy – nice weather. I can wear a little summer dress and make the most of my lovely shape I’m enjoying this summer like no summer before.

Still changing scar tape and will continue till I see Mr. Inglefield at my 6 month check up.

12th June

Feeling really good – the sun is out and my summer dress is on. I feel on top of the world and so happy with my finished shape. Mr. Inglefield you have made me life complete! I’m still doing my taping which I change every five days and massage every other day.

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Mr. Christopher Inglefield

Mr. Christopher Inglefield BSc, MBBS, FRCS(Plast) was born in Trinidad, West Indies, and obtained his Medical Degree from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and Trinidad in 1985.

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